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Electronic Arts reserves (tie nohl to make improvements in the product described in thte 
manual at anytime and without notice This manual and the product described In this manual 
an copyrighted. All rights reserved Mo part of this manual may be copied, reproduced. 
translated, or reduced to any electronic medium or machine readable form without prior wnttai 
consent el Electronic Arts, P.O. Box 9025, Redwood Oty, California 94063-9025 

Technical Support Contact Info 

E-mail and Website: For instant access to all of our technical support knowledge, please 

rait nttp7/iechsupportea com. 

Telephone Support Technical Support is also available from Sam to 6pm PST by ra»ng us at 

(650) 626-4322 No hints or codes are available from (650) 628-4322 

Mailing Address: ftectrontc Arts Technical Support 

P0 Box 9025 

Redwood City CA 94063-9025 
It you live outside Of the United Stales, you can contact one of our other offices. 


In Australia, contact 
Electronic Arts Pry Ltd 
P0. Bw 432 

Southporl Old 4215. Australia 

In the United Kingdom contact 
Electronic Arts Lid 
P0. Box 161 
Pttone (0870) 2432435 

In Australia For Technical Support and Came Hints and Tips. 

phone the EA HOTLINE' 1902 261 600 (95 certs per mini 

CTS 7 days a week 10 AM-8 PM it you are under 18 years 

Dt age parental consent required 

■ GUKMK »t»Ul W* ■»■■ M« 

Proof of Purchaie 

mow sussm mm lok u 




I percentile of people may experience a seiruro when eytoswl to certain visual 
rrnafi' i .-isms that may appeal in video ijatres Even people who 

havenohistoryofseizuresorepilopsyniayhavt'ar. • khi that can f.n.<n these 

"photosensitive epileptic seizures' wh III .ideo games 

Iliese secures may have a variety of symptoms inducting lightheadedness, altered vision, eye 
m (ace twitch -i ur shaking of amis or legs, disnnentatirm confuMon. or momentary 

loss ot awareness Seuutes may ilsti cause loss of consciousness ui tMrrvursiorB that can lead 

> from lalling down or sJiktnrj nearhyt 
Immediately stop flaying and consult a doctor if you experience an, uf these symptoms. 
Patents should WBtth lot ot asl then children abtnif the above symptoms — children and 
teenagers ate mnre iitely than adults to exporiwice these seizures. 
The risk of prvotosemitive epileptic scutes mar be reduced by sittirifj (unlter ' . sion 

screen, using a smaller television M.reei>, triayt^j m a well kt room, and not playing vihan you 
ire drowsy or fatiguad 

If you ot any of you.' relatives have a history jf seizures 01 epilepsy, consult a doctor before 


The Xhox video game system dotrmentatitMi contains important saluty and health information 

that yoj should read and understand before using this software 


Oo not use with certain televisions. Some televisions, especially front- of it'ar-p'ojecuon 
1 1: damaged if any video - •■ played on litem Sialic 

images ptcsentt'd daring the normal course of game play nroy "bum m" to the screen, en 
a perrranuiii shadow of the state image to appear at all limes, oven when video games ore 
mn bemg played Smiiar damage mav occur from static in ited when placing a mdoa 

game on hold or pause Consult your television owners manual ta determine it video games can 
be safely played on youi set II y iu me unable lo Find this nformation in the owtrfif's manual, 
contact your television tlealt't or the manufacture! to determine if video games can be played 
on your set 

Unauiimiued copywej, reverse engineering, transmission, aulollc performance, rental pay lor 
nlay. ot nicumvtmtion of c^ protection isstnctryrjtohit.' ■ 

This product has been rated by the Entertainment Software bating Board For informal on about 
the ESflB rating please visit www esrb org 


Left Ih . sstick 

BACK button 
START button 

Directional pad 

Right thumbstick 




A c t i (i 11 /J ti ii 1 p/C M m [)/ Vn 1 1 1 1 


Fire weapon 


Lock on enemy 

CI ipull and hold) 



Bond Focus mode {alter locking on) 

Wall cover 


Dive roll 


Weapon select 








Fire weapon 


Lock on enemy 


Tire punch 



O oiO-ft- 

Hand brake 




Camera targeting 


Cycle weapon 




Exit vehicle 


Being the world's greatest 00 Agent means traveling to exotic locales, battling dangerous 
villains, and saving beautiful women. Your adventure starts here. 

The World Dossier offers an overview of your entire mission In it, you can select a new level 
you wish to undertake, oi view the list of levels yuu have already completed. It also trunk.- any 
bonus levels you may have unlocked You can also purchase gadget and weapons upgrades 

* Tn start a new level, select one and press < 
+ Completing a level unlocks the nost one in seguence. You can, however, go back at any time 
and replay a level 


A stealthy enhance, a quick attack, and accurate aim are hallmarks of a 00 Again. 


Defeat an enemy with a well-placed shot. 


Tn lock onto a target, pull and hold II The larget indicator appears. Pull El to fire 


To change weapons or gadgets during gameplay. press O or in any direction to bring up the 
Weapons Quick Select menu The game pauses and the available weapons appear in the lower 
right corner of the screen. Press to select the desired weapon, then press 0. 0, or O to 
resume gameplay. 
+ In mjlupiayei games, switch weapons on the fly by pressing or Q. 


So me limes a stealthy entrance is preferable over a fir a fight. 


To toggle between crouching and standing, press 0. 
To move while crouching, move 

HP; Crouching behind objects in your environment such as ciates and furniture can help you 
avoid being hit during a firefighi. You can 3lso shoot over cover while crouching 


Rolling from one point to another can help you stay hidden from your enemies. 
* To roll, press©. 


To use wall cover, approach a wall and press 0. To disengage from wall cover, press oi © 

To strafe while using wall cover, move 0— . 

IIP; Peering around corners while in a wall hug is an excellent way lo determine if (here are 
enemies in the vicinity while still remaining undetected. To shoot an enemy from a corner wall 
hug, lock onto your targe! by pulling and holding O . (hen pull El to fire. 

lilllll] FtlCIIS 

Bond Focus allows you to shoot enemies with superior accuracy In Bond Focus mode, your aim 
is so precise you can even target objects your enemy is carrying, such as gienades. 

* To enter Bond Focus mode, pull and hold f9 then press © 

* To use your manual aim, adjust the target location by moving To fire, pull El 

11(17 l:tllHI'l'l:l] 

lias customized quilu an assonmenl of weapons, gadgets, and vehicles lu ensure your success 
in your mission. Get lo know them wel I . 



Your watch comes equipped with a laser beam hot enough to ignite anything 
(hat bums and strong enough to penetrate bullet-proof glass. In a hind, you can 
also use your watch as a weapon against enemies. 


Copter is perfect for getting into places wheie going through the front 

dooi is not an option The Q-Copter can be used as a mobile bomb. 


This handy weapon is a rapid-fiie yun disguised as a briefcase. Once deployed, 
a autamatically detects and tires at any enemy movement in front of it 


Your cuTflinks emit a piercing noise which temporarily stuns your enemies. 


Your body armor, which you can upgrade with the right number of Research 


You can upgrade weapons and gadgets through schematics you may find during yout mission. 

+ As you proceed through each mission, you earn Reseatch Points for finding schematics. 

completing Briefcase Mmigames, or performing special moves Use these Research Points 

to purchase upgrades. 
* You can purchase upgrades either during a mission or between missions. 

From the Inventory screen you can access weapons or gadgets, swap ammo, change costumes. 

or get more information on an object, 

+ Press O to open (he Inventory menu, then press 0+ to highlight an item. Ii appears In the 

info window with a detailed description. To equip the item, press © 
+ To close the Inventory menu, press O 

1.1:111:1, IIIISSII:!! 

The Level Dossiei offers a look at the mission in progress. 

* Tn access (lie Level Dossier, press O during gameplay. 

* From the Level Dossier, you can view your objectives and score, purchase upgrades, and 
access the Options menu 



SCIIIH: Si:itl:l:ll 

Your score is comprised of how well you complete ilia mission 

* You can aam awards by meeling ilia lima and disables requirements, by finding the Bond 
Moment in the level, and by beating the level on 00 difficulty. Awards unlock Bonus Levels. 

* The Score Screen also tracks Research and Skill Points earned in the level. Skill Points can 
be used to purchase Extras on the Extra Screen. 

* After you complete a mission, you are prompted to save your game. Press © to save your 
game to the game save slot you selected when you began playing Saved games include your 
complete inventory, score, upgrades, missions, and unlocked extras 

You cannot save during a mission. If you quit thegama In the middle of a mission, you 
begin at the start of that map when you return 

* 1 I tad a game, select SINGLE PLAYER in the Main menu The Load screen appears. Select 
the game save (one of lour) you wish to continue and press © Your game is loaded. 


Battle it out in muiliplayer matches and discover who makes the vilest Bond villain. 
* To start a multiplayer game, select MULNPLAYEH in the Main menu. You have the option to 
select either a Play Mow multiplayer match nr a Survival Royale battle. 


Play Now matches are stand-alone multiplayer duels Select a game type and a map. adjust 
options, and enter into battle. 


Suivival Royale is a series of two- to 16-player matches with varying game types, rules, and 
maps, In Survival Royale. you can even upgrade your character's abilities in between rounds to 
become the ultimate Bond villain 


1. Select PLAY NOW or SURIVAL ROYALF from the Multiplayer menu, 

2. Choose a profile to compete with. Profiles record your career multiplayer stats 

3. Select a character to play as A prompt appears indicating that you are ready to begin the 

'in— r: 

4. When all the players are ready for a Play Now game, the Rules screen appears, SelecL 
the map, game type, teams, score limit and time limit, and adjust game options Survival 
Royale games you also most set the number of rounds, the upgrades, money round, and style 
options on tho Game Setup screen. 

NOTE: Game options allow you in change radar sellings, weapon type availability, and other 
game rules to create your own custom game packages. 

5. The Countdown screen appears. This screen displays the rules you have selected for the next 
match. You may also choose your teams if you have enabled them in the Rules screen. 





The ultimate free-for-all. Dispatch every one of your opponents. . . at 
all costs 

A team-based game in which you must take the bomb and plant it 
in your enemy's base. If it detonates, you score. You have a small 
window of time in which you can disarm your enemy's bomb before 
it detonates. Look for the bomb and bomb plant point icons on your 
radar to locate them 

W: In Sabotage mode, the bomb is radioactive and can damage ynui 
character Try dropping the bomb at strategic points on the map [dose 
in armor drops, (or example), or "passing" it to your teammate. You can 
drop the bomb if it is your active inventory item by pulling Ef 

The same rules apply for Dogfight mode as they do for Classic mode. 
with one major exception: you are always in a jetpack. Dogfight mode 
is only supported by maps that feature jetpack gameplay 



Electronic Arts warrants 10 the original purchaser ol litis product thai ihe recording medium an 
which ihe software ptogramlsl are recorded (the "Recording Medium") and Ihe documentation that 
is included with this product (the "Manual"! are free from defects in materials and workmanship for 
a period of 90 Pays from ihe date oi purchase II the Recording Medium or the Manual is found to be 
defective within 90 days from the date ol purchase. Electronic Arts agrees to replace Ihe Recording 
Medium 01 Manual tree of charge upon receipt of the Recording Medium or Manual al its service 
center, postage paid, with proof of purchase. This warranty is limited to the Recording Medium 
containing the software program and Ihe Manual thai were originally provided hy Electronic Arts This 
warranty shall not he applicable and shall he void if. in the judgment of Electronic Arts, the delect has 
arisen through abuse, mistreatment or neglect. 

This limited warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, whether oral or written, express or implied, 
including any warranty ol merchantability or fitness for a particiilar purpose, and no other 
representation nf any nature shall he binding on or obligate Electronic II any such warranties are 
incapable of exclusion, then such warranties applicable to this product, including implied warranties of 
merchantability and fitness (or a particular purpose, ate limited to the 90-day period ttesi nhed shave. 
In no event will Electronic Arts be liable lor any special, incidental, or consequential damages resulting 
from possession, use or malfunction of this Electronic Arts product, including damage to property, and 
to Ihe extent permitted by law, damages for personal injury, even if Electronic Arts has been advised of 
the possibility of such damages Some states do not allow limitation as to how long an implied warranty 
lasts and/of exclusions or limitation ol incidental or consequential damages so the above limitations 
and/or exclusion of liability may not apply to you. In such Jurisdictions, the Electronic Arts' liability shall 
.he limited to Ihe lullest extent petmitted by law This wairanly gives you specific rights You may also 
have other rights that vary hum slate to stale. 


Please return the product along with |1 1 a copy of Ihe original sales receipt showing the date of 

purchase, 12) a brief description ol the difficulty you ate experiencing, and 131 your name, address and 
phone number to the address below and Electronic Arts will mall a replacement Recording Medium 
and/!;' Manual tuyuu II the piuduct was damaged through misuse or accident, this 90-day warranty is 
rendered void and you will need to follow the instructions for returns after ihe 90-day warranty period, 
We strongly recommend that you send your products using a traceable delivery method Electronic 
Arts is net responsible for products not in its possession 


If the defect in the Recording Medium or Manual resulted from abuse, mistreatment or neglect, or if the 
HecurdirKj Medium or Manual is found to be defective alter 90 days from the date of purchase, choose 
one of the following options to receive our replacement instructions: 
tWine ■ hllpy /warranty i rtl 

Auumaietl Waiwnry Information- You can contact our automated phone system 24 hours a day lor any 
and all warranty questions- 
US 1 (650)678-1900 


Electronic Arts Customer Warranty 

P.O. Box 9025 

Redwood City. CA 94063-9025 

FROM RUSSIA WITM LOVE Interactive Game [all source code, all other software components and 
certain audiovisual components -only) © 20Q5 Electronic Arts Inc Electronic Arts. EA and the EA logo 
are trademarks or registered trademarks of Eleclronic Arts Inc. in Ihe U.S and/or other countries. All 
rights reserved FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE Interactive Game (certain audiovisual componentsl © 2005 
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all other James Bond related trademarks TM Danjan. LLC. .lames Grind. 007. James Bond Gun and 
Ins Logos end all other James Bond related properties © 1962-2005 Daniag. LLC. and United Artists 
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